Pimpage–Justin Macumber’s “Still Water”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that Justin Macumber is a friend of mine, but he’s also a damned good writer.

Cover for Still WaterThe genre of horror has undergone some pretty serious changes over the last decade or two. I’ve opined about this multiple times and it’s still the case. The massive influx of vampire, werewolf, and zombie tales has flooded the market with less than stellar writing and the same old stories. That’s why when someone writes a book in the vein of what I consider “old school horror,” I get damned excited. Justin Macumber’s Still Water fits the bill.

Still Water has no zombies. It has no vampires. What it does have is a mixture of Stephen King style story-telling with Lovecraftian dread. I was fortunate enough to get an advance reader’s copy of this novel and I devoured it. The characterization is wonderful. The plot is tight and creepy. The feeling of dread and gloom sits on your chest until you can’t breathe. In other words, the book is Fiendmaster approved.

While this story may not be for everyone, it is definitely one you should check out. Still Water was released today for your enjoyment and terror. Go check it out in ebook or paperback and definitely remember to leave the lights on.


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