The Derelict Saga

some mysteries shouldn’t be solved…

The Derelict Saga takes place in a future where humankind has colonized the solar system, but is on the brink of extinction. Humankind’s constant need for resources has begun to outstrip their mining abilities in the asteroid belt, the planet Mars, as well as the many moons of Jupiter and Saturn. For perhaps the last time, humans across Sol system banded together to create new technologies with the hope of building a ship to find their future. The Sol Federation Ship Mira took nearly forty years to build and a considerable amount of irreplaceable, precious resources.

The Derelict Saga begins with the first installment, Derelict: Marines.

Fifty years ago, Mira, humanity’s last hope to find new resources, exited the solar system bound for Proxima Centauri b. Seven years into her mission, all transmissions ceased without warning. Mira and her crew were presumed lost. Humanity, unified during her construction, splintered into insurgency and rebellion.

Now, an outpost orbiting Pluto has detected a distress call from an unpowered object entering Sol space: Mira has returned. When all attempts at communications fail, S&R Black, a Sol Federation Marine Corps search and rescue vessel, is dispatched from Trident Station to intercept, investigate, and tow the beleaguered Mira to Neptune.

As the marines prepare for the journey, uncertainty and conspiracy fomented by Trident Station’s governing AIs, begin to take their toll. Upon reaching Mira, they discover they’ve been sent on a mission that will almost certainly end in catastrophe.

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