Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 10

That's right, my Fiendlings.  Here's episode 10 chock full of fiendy goodness.

This episode includes promos for Seth Harwood's Young Junius.  May 5th is Cinco De Harwood, the day you have a chance to get your little paws on a special order custom copy of the book.  Check it out, fiendlings.

Also, last week I screwed the pooch and forgot to give props to Vertigo Radio Live and their fantastic insanity.  Please check out their show.  It's hilarious, irreverant, and fun for your little gray cells.

Last but not least, your fellow fiendling David Sobkowiak is putting out his first podcast novel with co-creator Laura Frechette.  Go check it out on Monday!




"Closet Treats" episode 10.

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