The Black: Oceania Premium Pass


Weeks ago, the exploration rig Leaguer is destroyed shortly after sending an oil sample from the M2 trench for analysis

Officially, all hands are lost.
Unofficially, the “oil” was a deadly organism responsible for hundreds of deaths both on and offshore.
Sarah Celianne, a former HPD SWAT commander, found herself fighting for her life against creatures that defied biology, chemistry, and physics. Upon surviving the encounter, she’s recruited by a shadowy government entity to help secure remaining M2 specimens. The effort failed.

Now, after surviving yet again, she is sent to Papua/New Guinea to investigate reports of a lifeboat sighting, a lifeboat with the word “Leaguer” stenciled on its side.

The Black: Oceania, the fifth installment of the Parsec Award Winning Series The Black, is an action packed suspense thriller serial set in the jungles and waters of Papua/New Guinea that pits a trained mercenary squad against a new M2 creature and new unknowns.

What Do Supporters Get For Their Cash?

That all depends on the level, now doesn’t it?

Level$Oceania PodcastEarly Public EpisodesARC AccessAudiobookLibrary AccessInstant Episodes
Fiendish Supporter$5
Graveyard Supporter$10
Support Levels and Benefits

Tales such as the upcoming Station 3 audiobook and podcast (expected in May 2022) will also be included in the deal.


Why aren’t you publicly podcasting it?

There are a myriad number of reasons, but the obvious one is money.

First off, I get the rights to the entire Black series quite soon. This means that the books will eventually go out of print unless I have new covers, new edits, and new layouts ready to go when the time comes. Since I’ll be the publisher, this requires money to make happen, and let’s not forget marketing.

Secondly, I’m receiving no monetary advance to create this story. Put simply, you’re paying me for writing the tale as well as narrating the story. Yes, I would be doing that anyway, trust me, but this is the best way to secure myself financially so I can focus on writing books for you and continue to perform them. I’m your monkey–I promise to sing and dance for your coin.

Thirdly, the expenses of running the podcast are truly beginning to erase any real profit I make from audio book sales and my royalties (which have been awful for several years). In addition to that, my health keeps me from working much more than ten hours a day at the moment. That is another expense this is paying for. The fewer hours I have to spend scrabbling for cash or taking on other projects means more content for you.

In addition to all of that, and probably most importantly, this will also fund the final installment of The Black series–Extinction as well as additional stories in the Derelict and Sol and Beyond series.

Are You Abandoning The Public Podcast?

Hell, no! Not at all. This is all an effort to keep the podcast commercial free (apart from me hawking Corpse coffee [get the dead in your cup!]) and pay my bills at the same time.

Why don’t you just advertise?

Almost none of the advertising services allow me to vet what is advertised. Considering how many scams, misinformation, and other ridiculous nonsense people are hawking these days, I’d rather not be associated with any of it. It especially infuriates me with political ads (don’t get me started). Therefore, I refuse to allow advertising on my feeds that I cannot control.