“What Is” Project–Fiendlings

As you may know, I started a YouTube channel. Said channel will have video presentations of the podcast novels as well as the occasional piece of custom content. I haven’t yet decided all the things I’m going to do with the channel as that kind of depends on the time I have to spend as well as interest. But I have a few ideas.

One of them is to start a “What Is” series. Here’s what I have in mind. If you’re willing to sacrifice a few moments of your time, and willing to give me the rights to put it into a video, you can record a video message less than 30 seconds long, and sent it to me via email or some other mechanism.

Describe what a “Fiendling” is and why you are one. If you don’t know what a “Fiendling” is? That’s okay too. Most of the “old-timers” of the podcast know, but many new folks do not. This is about education! Also, I expect most of these to be tongue-in-cheek.

Everyone who sends in a video that ends up in the final collage will be credited, unless you wish to remain anonymous. Tell me in the email or message what you’d prefer and how you want to be credited. If you wish to just send audio, that will work too. Just keep it under 30 seconds.

Are you game?

9 thoughts on ““What Is” Project–Fiendlings”

  1. I baked cupcakes and iced them with a red Garaaga spiral. Does that qualify?

    PS What ever happened to that promised Street story about Beaker?

    1. Unfortunately, I had to put that story off so I could write something I can actually make money from. Since I’ll be writing full time as of July 16th, I imagine there will be at least one Street story this year. We’ll see. Cupcakes with a red Garaaga spiral? SEND PICTURES!

  2. nezt batch will include Garaaga cupcakes baked with extra love. You’ll get pix.

  3. Well….Just what is a Fiendling? Maybe, someone who lurks in the shadows waiting on the Fiend-Master to toss us some tidbits of verbal sustenance and maybe someone who commits some random acts of unspeakable horror….maybe…or maybe not! Heehee…I’m standing right behind you!! 😉

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