The Schedule…From HELL!

I’ve been silent way too long and I guess I should let y’all know what’s going on.

First off, the new novel is finished. At least the first draft anyway. I’m working on getting the edits together so I can rewrite a couple of chapters, perform continuity checks, and then hand it off to my subject matter experts to vet my mentions of certain technologies. This is only my second “hard sci-fi” book (The Rider co-written with Scott Sigler was the first), so I need all the help I can get.

Secondly, let’s talk books. Come August, I will be working with the great and wonderful Scott Pond to put together covers and book layouts for the upcoming paperbacks of the Garaaga’s Children series. These two books are yet to be titled, but they will be available from all the usual suspects including my site. Also, the ebooks will be getting out there as well. If you’ve already purchased the GC: Ancients hardcover, there’s not much reason for you to purchase both of these books. However, the second trade paperback will contain a bonus tale that wraps up the Ama/Drimesh cycle of Ur. I’m futzing around with calling this book The Daemons of Ur.

No, I don’t expect my readers/listeners to purchase the same content they’ve already paid for. I’m going to figure out a way to get the full audiobook to those of you who’ve already purchased the hardcover. It’s what was promised, so you’ll get it. Including the “bonus” tale.

That reminds me. Ama is still going through audio edits and as soon as I have that together, I’ll be trying to get that to y’all. It’ll also be podcast in the near future. Hopefully this one will go up on ACX as well, along with all the other GC stories.

Thirdly, there are rumors that a certain book I wrote with Scott Sigler will be published later this year. I’m hopeful that is the case and that y’all will show up and purchase that ebook from the major outlets. I’ve no idea if there will ever be a print edition and I can’t even speculate on that possibility.

Fourthly (damn this list is getting long), I’m also kicking around the idea of a sequel to the novel I just finished. This might mean that other projects will have to be put on hold. But again, nothing is written in stone.

I do have to get back to Flames so I can hopefully get that out to you later this year. As per usual, the plan is to start the podcast the same day the audiobook, trade paperback, and ebook are available. Again, no idea of the timeline here since the book isn’t even finished.

A word about collector’s editions–I’m done with them. For now. There probably won’t be anymore hardcover versions of my works any time in the near future as they have produced lackluster sales. Those of you who patronized those versions and are clamoring for new ones? Thank you very much. You made all this possible. But in the future, the dead tree edition of books sold from my site will be in trade paperback form only. I’ll still sell them from the site, still autograph and personalize them, and etc.

There are still copies available of Garaaga’s Children: AncientsFiends: Volume 1, and The Street. GC and Fiends are limited, numbered, signed, personalized editions and when they’re gone, that’s it. No mas. So if you’re new to my work, you might want to check those out if only to put beautiful, but disturbing, hardcovers on your shelf.

Well, that’s it for now. I have a lot of work to do both writing and at the dayjob. I hope you are well and please stay in touch.

Keep those bodies buried, kiddies.


3 thoughts on “The Schedule…From HELL!”

  1. Sounds like the mixed but awesome blessing of interesting times. I’d guess mostly congratulations are in order?

    Side question regarding the Fiends Limited Edition is that different from the black hardcover I bought at Balticon?

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