The Graveyard


The following persons have become characters in one of the stories by being Patreon Patrons or exposing themselves to the author:

  • Frank Pons Matal (he goes by Pons, dammit)
  • Dick Dickerson (yes, he’s a DICK!) (Closet Treats)
  • Trey Broussard (Closet Treats)
  • Scott E Pond (Deep Fried)
  • Chris Bowsman (Deep Fried)
  • Arioch Morningstar (Deep Fried)
  • Troy Tanzer (Deep Fried)
  • Anthony Epp (Deep Fried/TB3)
  • John Archer (as Jared Archer) (The Rider)
  • Rob Stikmanz (The Rider)
  • Sue Baiman (The Rider)
  • Emyliza Aninzo Wong (Flames)
  • Thomas Novak (Flames)
  • Mildred Cady (Flames)
  • Jenny Melzer (Flames)
  • Don Hardy (Flames)
  • Bryan James (Flames)
  • James Monroig (Flames)
  • Brett Cullum (Flames)
  • Nathaniel Hartman (Flames)
  • Amanda Sulzbach (TB4)
  • Nicole Bubear (Coven)
  • John Vizcarra (Lamashtu)
  • Linton Bowers (Lamashtu)
  • Stephanie Harvey (Lamashtu)
  • Michael Wilet (Lamashtu)
  • ScoTT SenaTe (TB4)
  • Nathaniel Richards (TB4)
  • Peter O’Malley (TB3)
  • Sarah Celiann (TB3)
  • Trey Perry (TB4)
  • Jackob Benjamin (TB2)
  • Maxwell David (TB3)
  • Matt Hurtado (TB3)
  • Ryan Stone (TB4)
  • Antowan Batts (TB4)
  • Shirley Bruce (TB4)
  • Donald Pitsiladis (TB4)
  • John Walker (TB4)
  • Joseph Cartwright (I AM) (Derelict Saga)
  • Jeanine Carbonaro (Derelict Saga)
  • Delio Niro (Derelict Saga)
  • JR Murdock (Derelict Saga)
  • David Wendt (Derelict Saga)
  • Robert Noble (Derelict Saga)
  • David Heyes (Derelict Saga)
  • Nobilis Reed (Derelict Saga)
  • Eric Dunn (Derelict Saga)
  • Jarrod Young (QPD)
  • Andrew Richardson (TB)
  • Nutty Nutchtchas (TB)
  • Jack Hosley (TB)
  • Scott Sigler (TB)
  • Thomas Cooley (TB)
  • Bob Cooley (TB)
  • Craig Standlee (TB)
  • Robbie Christie (TB)
  • David Sobkowiak (TB)
  • Richard Green (TB)
  • JP Harvey (TB)
  • Scott Sigler (TB)
  • Kate Cheevers (TB2)
  • Marie Krieger (TB2)
  • Maeve Cheevers (TB2)
  • Jay Hollngsworth (TB2)
  • Mike Beaudry (TB2)
  • Clay Dugger (TB2)
  • Neil Illing (TB2)
  • Darren Strange (TB2)
  • James Webb (TB3)
  • Hazel Wachtman (TB3)
  • Melanie Hoyt (TB2)
  • Mark Kilfoil (TB3)
  • Shannon Moore  (TB2/TB3/TB4)
  • Kaal Alexander Rosser (TB4)
  • Tim Schneck (TB3)
  • Richard Stansbury (TB4)
  • Mathias Bradfisch (TB3)
  • Steve Hatherley (TB4)
  • Carter James (TB3)
  • Steven Ort (TB4)
  • Veronica Giguere (TB3)
  • Paul Ellis (TB3)
  • Richard Mathis (TB3)
  • Allyson Burry (TB3)
  • Peter Bryant (TB4)
  • Mike Kafes (TB4)
  • August Grappin (TB4)
  • Lisa Stone (TB4)
  • Sam Dickerson (Derelict Saga)
  • exotikali (Derelict Saga)
  • Beth Copenhaver (Derelict Saga)
  • Dan Lyke (Derelict Saga)
  • James Taubee (Derelict Saga)
  • Michael Elliott (Derelict Saga)
  • Maurice Oakes (Derelict Saga)
  • Daniel Ritter (QPD)
  • Lorie Williams (QPD)

Paul E Cooley and The FiendMaster have killed the following people for donating money to

  • Thomas “Toetag” Reed–Tattoo, The Black, Flames, TB3, TB4, Signal Decay
  • Ron Williams–Tattoo

Future Characters or Future Dead

Paul E Cooley will include the following people as characters/victims in future stories for their donations to

  • Brent Caudle
  • Skye Wachtman
  • Tia Brink
  • James Husum
  • David Brown
  • Michael Gomersall
  • Lisa Slack
  • André Conde Morais
  • Dean Kindle
  • Amanda Beacham
  • David De Zwirek
  • John Spillane
  • Brenda Smith
  • Chris Pragman
  • Stephane Dumothier
  • Laura Church
  • John Mierau
  • Damon Henrichs
  • Val Griswold-Ford
  • Matthew McRoberts
  • Rick Cromack
  • Jason Brazier
  • John Kilgallon
  • Ernie Pyle
  • Sandro Cuccia
  • Charlie Brown
  • Greg Fazekas
  • ML Hunt
13 comments on “The Graveyard
  1. David Brown says:

    I have enjoyed listening to The Black. Your narration is great and your writing style is intelligent, interesting, and can be described in one word – polished. I will continue to listen and will now make a donation.

    P.S. I too am a Whiskey drinker.

  2. Lisa Ann Stone says:

    I am one of the offspring of Garaaga: I dare you to try to kill me!! Keep up the good work and smart-ass comments, Mr. Cooley.

  3. Thomas says:


  4. At least i know i am safe

  5. SassyStaci says:

    Kill me off please. I am huge fan of people getting killed

  6. Criswell The Psychic Weatherman (aka ScoTT SenaTe) says:

    As a Fiendling Evangelist, I will be bringing people into your graveyard. Sassy Staci is the first. There will be more.

  7. J.R. Murdock says:

    Oh hot damn! I made the list!

  8. ScoTT SenaTe says:

    I am so jealous of all of you in Derelict. I have to wait till TB Evolution to get Cooleyed, though I have no doubt that the wait will be worth it.

  9. Marie Krieger says:

    I dont see my name! I was the first dead in Outbreak.

  10. ScoTT SenaTE a.k.a. Criswelll says:

    My friend (whose name I shall not name here) was rather upset that I wanted her in your graveyard. Perhaps she misunderstood, or I was not clear enough, or maybe both. Regardless, please remove her from TB4. It is NOT necessary to refund the extra patreon dollar. I want to help all of us get closer to making you record those Garaaga stories.

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