The Graveyard

In Memoriam

Neil Illing (2017). A thoughtful, kind, enthusiastic fiendling with whom I shared many emails, many direct messages, and many laughs. I shall miss you, sir. #fuckCancer


The following persons have become characters in one of the stories by being Patreon Patrons or exposing themselves to the author:

    • Frank Pons Matal (he goes by Pons, dammit) (Tattoo)
    • Dick Dickerson (yes, he’s a DICK!) (Closet Treats)
    • Trey Broussard (Closet Treats)
    • Scott E Pond (Deep Fried)
    • Chris Bowsman (Deep Fried)
    • Arioch Morningstar (Deep Fried)
    • Troy Tanzer (Deep Fried)
    • Anthony Epp (Deep Fried/TB3)
    • John Archer (as Jared Archer) (The Rider)
    • Rob Stikmanz (The Rider)
    • Sue Baiman (The Rider)
    • Emyliza Aninzo
    • Thomas Novak (Flames)
    • Mildred Cady (Flames)
    • Don Hardy (Flames)
    • Bryan James (Flames)
    • James Monroig (Flames)
    • Brett Cullum (Flames)
    • Nathaniel Hartman (Flames)
    • John Spillane (Flames)
    • Valerie Jones (Flames)
    • Brian Mahoney (Flames)
    • Michael Gomersall (Flames)
    • David Brown (Flames)
    • Amanda Sulzbach (TB5)
    • Nicole Bubear (Coven)
    • John Vizcarra (Lamashtu)
    • Linton Bowers (Lamashtu)
    • Stephanie Harvey (Lamashtu)
    • Michael Wilet (Lamashtu)
    • ScoTT SenaTe (TB5)
    • Nathaniel Richards (TB5)
    • Peter O’Malley (TB3)
    • Sarah Celiann (TB3)
    • Trey Perry (TB5)
    • Jackob Benjamin (TB2)
    • Maxwell David (TB3)
    • Matt Hurtado (TB3)
    • Ryan Stone
    • Antowan Batts
    • Shirley Bruce
    • Donald Pitsiladis
    • John Walker
    • Joseph Cartwright (I AM) (Derelict Saga)
    • Jeanine Carbonaro (Derelict Saga)
    • Delio Niro (Derelict Saga)
    • JR Murdock (Derelict Saga)
    • David Wendt (Derelict Saga)
    • Robert Noble (Derelict Saga)
    • David Heyes (Derelict Saga)
    • Nobilis Reed (Derelict Saga)
    • Eric Dunn (Derelict Saga)
    • Ryan Daugherty (QPD)
    • Jarrod Young (QPD)
    • Amanda Beacham (QPD)
    • Lucie Le Blanc (Derelict Saga)
    • James Husum (Derelict Saga)
    • Brandon Combs (Static)
    • Laura Church (Static)
    • Andrew Richardson (TB)
    • Nutty Nutchtchas (TB)
    • Jack Hosley (TB)
    • Scott Sigler (TB)
    • Thomas Cooley (TB)
    • Bob Cooley (TB)
    • Craig Standlee (TB)
    • Robbie Christie (TB)
    • David Sobkowiak (TB)
    • Richard Green (TB)
    • JP Harvey (TB)
    • Scott Sigler (TB)
    • Kate Cheevers (TB2)
    • Marie Krieger (TB2)
    • Maeve Cheevers (TB2)
    • Jay Hollngsworth (TB2)
    • Mike Beaudry (TB2)
    • Clay Dugger (TB2)
    • Darren Strange (TB2)
    • James Webb (TB3)
    • Hazel Wachtman (TB3)
    • Melanie Hoyt (TB2)
    • Mark Kilfoil (TB3)
    • Shannon Moore  (TB2/TB3/TB4)
    • Kaal Alexander Rosser
    • Tim Schneck (TB3)
    • Richard Stansbury (TB5)
    • Mathias Bradfisch (TB3)
    • Steve Hatherley (TB5)
    • Carter James (TB3)
    • Steven Ort (TB5)
    • Veronica Giguere (TB3)
    • Paul Ellis (TB3)
    • Richard Mathis (TB3)
    • Allyson Burry (TB3)
    • Peter Bryant (TB5)
    • Mike Kafes (TB5)
    • August Grappin (TB5)
    • Lisa Stone (TB5)
    • Sam Dickerson (Derelict Saga)
    • exotikali (Derelict Saga)
    • Beth Copenhaver (Derelict Saga)
    • Dan Lyke (Derelict Saga)
    • James Taubee (Derelict Saga)
    • Michael Elliott (Derelict Saga)
    • Maurice Oakes (Derelict Saga)
    • Daniel Ritter (QPD)
    • Lorie Williams (QPD)
    • Greg Fazekas (QPD)
    • Jason Brazier (Derelict Saga)

Paul E Cooley and The FiendMaster have killed the following people for donating money to

  • Thomas “Toetag” Reed–Tattoo, The Black, Flames, TB3, TB4, Derelict: Tomb, Signal Decay
  • Ron Williams–Tattoo

Future Characters or Future Dead

Paul E Cooley will include the following people as characters/victims in future stories for their donations to

  • Brent Caudle
  • Skye Wachtman
  • Tia Brink
  • Lisa Slack
  • André Conde Morais
  • Dean Kindle
  • David De Zwirek
  • Brenda Smith
  • Chris Pragman
  • Devin Vertigo
  • Katherine Crispin
  • Leonard Ashcroft
  • Edward Lorn
  • DJ Chamberlain
  • Aladdin Ossorio
  • Michael Kingswood
  • John Hexter
  • James Garner
  • Jason Taylor
  • Jenny Melzer
  • Stephane Dumothier
  • John Mierau
  • Damon Henrichs
  • Val Griswold-Ford
  • Matthew McRoberts
  • Rick Cromack
  • John Kilgallon
  • Ernie Pyle
  • Sandro Cuccia
  • Charlie Brown
  • ML Hunt
  • Lavoris
  • Saga Svensson
  • Pat Van Tol
  • Maria Alejandro
  • Sarah James
  • Sandro Cuccia
  • Eryc Courmac
  • Jonathan Spear
  • Peter Germany
  • Phil Rossi
  • Jim Hagel
  • Sharon Carleton
  • Jon Pruett

118 thoughts on “The Graveyard”

  1. I have enjoyed listening to The Black. Your narration is great and your writing style is intelligent, interesting, and can be described in one word – polished. I will continue to listen and will now make a donation.

    P.S. I too am a Whiskey drinker.

  2. I am one of the offspring of Garaaga: I dare you to try to kill me!! Keep up the good work and smart-ass comments, Mr. Cooley.

  3. As a Fiendling Evangelist, I will be bringing people into your graveyard. Sassy Staci is the first. There will be more.

  4. I am so jealous of all of you in Derelict. I have to wait till TB Evolution to get Cooleyed, though I have no doubt that the wait will be worth it.

  5. My friend (whose name I shall not name here) was rather upset that I wanted her in your graveyard. Perhaps she misunderstood, or I was not clear enough, or maybe both. Regardless, please remove her from TB4. It is NOT necessary to refund the extra patreon dollar. I want to help all of us get closer to making you record those Garaaga stories.

  6. I’m planning to pledge onece I at least listen to at least some of your work. I agree it’s unbelievable that people expect to enjoy your gift and not think about you. I am on SSI and only get $800.00 a month but I’ve only required to pay under $200.00 in rent. So if I can help I don’t understand. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy all these wonderful podcasts. I really enjoy the series podcasts because I never want a good one to end plus its fun to have something to look forward to and the you feel they know you also. As you probably can tell I spend a lot of time alone and get very lonely. So thank you David

    1. Don’t worry about the money, mate. The podcast is here for people to find my work, sample it, or enjoy it as it is. Patreon is a luxury some folks can afford and others cannot. And I understand that which is why the podcast will always be free. Thank you for checking me out and thank you for your interest in my work. Go through the archives and hopefully you’ll find something to help get you through the days. Cheers.

  7. In the GraveYard.
    It’s the place I want to be
    In the GraveYard.
    I get to join with so many.
    In the GraveYard.
    In the GraveYard.

    In the Graveyard,
    I get to meet with “ToeTag” Reed.
    In the GraveYard,
    I’m there with CorPorAl Kali,
    In the GraveYard.
    In the GraveYard.

    In the GraveYard,
    We don’t believe in happy endings.
    In the GraveYard,
    We’re MeatBags and body parts.
    In the GraveYard.
    In the Graveyard.

  8. Ok, let me clear the air (yeah, the stench is real)
    I met Cooley LONG before he became this Killer of fans.

    That being said…

    I look forward to my untimely death in every story, even though my death scene is a flashback/backstory/just because he can. I am honored to call this RAGING lunatic my friend and my brother.


    yeah, I know, that ain’t happening

    1. I wrote a short story. In one scene, a news reporter named Paul Cooley gets impaled by a transmission antenna falling off a collapsing building. I felt it was only fair to return the favor.

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