The Black:Outbreak–04

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where we don’t believe in happy endings.

9 thoughts on “The Black:Outbreak–04”

      1. thanks will book 4 be happening at the same time as 1 2 and 3 ? will you ever put the audio books all together like the first 4or 5 chapters of book 1 and then mix in chapter 1 from book 2 and 3 so wee can get the full effect. i know you made mention of doing it your self at the beginning of one of book 2s podcasts. or a list of the order of podcast to listen to
        thank you and have a nice day

        1. Book 4 takes place weeks after 1,2,3. So it more or less combines the aftermath from the first 3 books with new threats.
          As far as putting together an omnibus version of the audiobook or print books? I’ve been asked about this several times. The first problem is that the publisher would have to put it together and I’ve no idea if they would be interested. For the audio side, it would take a LOT of work to get it all coordinated so it made sense. Perhaps when I (or one of the fans) have time, we can put something like that together. But I have no plans at this point to do so.

  1. Any news on Patreon, Paul? Don’t count many chickens but I may be able to throw a shekel or two your way (I live in Israel and we use shekels!). What will the levels be for content?

    PS – Really enjoying The Black 3 – as I did the first two. I listen to you while walking my husky through the hills of the Galilee

    1. Hi, David. I’m still getting things organized. Afraid I’ve let that slip. Was waiting until I had a proper webcam to do a video for it, but I guess I’ll just do it the old fashioned way. I’ll announce it here at the site as well as on the podcast the moment I get all that set up. Shekels? You mean like in Garaaga? 🙂 I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE SHEKELS!

      One day I hope to travel to Israel and walk in the lands of ancient history. I’m envious. Glad you’re enjoying Outbreak!

  2. Contact me if and when you decide to come – will be honoured to show you some sites and host you for a night or two.


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