The Black: Outbreak–Update

Black_paperback_for print smlHello, Fiendlings. I’ve been rather quiet here as far as actual blog posts go. And that’s because I’ve been working like the devil to finish the third book in The Black series. And tonight, I finished my rewrites. The book is out to beta readers and I expect to get the information I need in the next two weeks or so. If they don’t find anything glaringly bad, then I’ll be able to pack this sucker up and send it over to Severed Press.

I don’t know how long it will take for the book to hit the presses, both physical and digital, but rest assured, the podcast will be ready to rock and roll when Closet Treats finally ends. When it’s all ready and we have dates, I can assure you, you’ll know about it.

I’m excited to get this to you because I think it’s the best of the three books. But we all know I have terrible taste.

So why did it take so long? Ah, excuses. They’re so much fun. But I’m not going to make them. This, however, is fact. This is the longest book I’ve ever written. Before the first round of chopping, it weighed in at 89k words. After an alpha reader helped me make a decision on some plot threads, I added nearly 18k and sent 5k into the bin. At 102k words, it’s nearly 15% longer than The Black: Arrival. I wasn’t planning on this book being that large, especially since it takes place in the span of just a few hours, but the story just kept flowing. So I kept writing until I found the end.The-Black-Arrival-paperback-for-amazon-RGB

Every book in this series has been a different experience, mainly because each story had a different set of characters, a different setting, and somewhat different stakes. Also, each additional book requires more threads that have to tie together so I don’t contradict myself too much between different timelines and different descriptions of my little beastie. If you find contradictions, they’re most likely intentional. And trust me, there are reasons.

So…now what? Well, I wait. And even after I submit the manuscript, I’ll be waiting some more. And while I’m waiting? I’ll be working on something else. Maybe multiple somethings. We’ll see.

Until then, keep enjoying Closet Treats and know that another tale is right on its heels.


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  1. Come on Outbreak! looking forward in reading the book AND hearing the audio-play. Paul, will you be reading the audio-play again? We hear your passion when you do.

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