The Black–Now Available In Paperback

Did I mention how incredibly fast this book has hit the presses? Last Sunday, I had just received the “final” artwork. Two days later, the ebook dropped. A couple of days later? The paperback is now available at Amazon.

If you take a look at the sidebar (or the links below), you’ll see two little amazon logos. The first is for the paperback, the second for the ebook. If you purchase using those links (and yes, you can just copy the damned things) or use them to spread the word, then I get a bigger cut of the profits. Just another way to keep me in scotch.

Thanks to all of you for so much support and help in pimping the release. It’s been a roller-coaster ride and there’s more to come. I’m hard at work on recording the audio/podio book for y’all and hope to have the first episode for you in early October. Unless I decide to release on Halloween. Because who doesn’t love a monster on October 31st?



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