The Black: Evolution – Episode 29


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where some mysteries shouldn’t be solved.

2 thoughts on “The Black: Evolution – Episode 29”

  1. Will Evolution and Extinction be available in eBook or trade paperback at some point in the future? I very much hope so! Also, when will the Derelict saga continue? I’m so hooked on that one!

    1. Howdy. Evolution and Extinction (when written) will both be available in TPB and EBook. Only question is how long that will take. I’m loathe to give any estimates at this time, but it WILL happen. Derelict is in the same boat as The Black, in the sense it will be audiobook only for the foreseeable future. Derelict: Trident is currently being podcasted on Patreon but it will air on the podcast feed as soon as it is done and whatever is in currently running in the feed is finished. Incidentally, I started writing Shipyards (the Derelict Saga finale) this weekend.

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