The Black: Evolution – Episode 19


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One thought on “The Black: Evolution – Episode 19”

  1. HYour New Book Black Evolution Has A Better Plot,Storiy,Twists Than 3 B4 It!
    Not That Others Were Bad In ANY WAY
    But This One Should Help With The Biil’s
    I Have 3 Perturbed Discs In Lower Back
    & 4 Perforated Ones In Lower Back & Since Trump And His NO Pain Or Benzodiazepine Rules And Left Leg They Operated On 5X. B4 Hospital Offered Me 1.2 Million To Cull Off Left Leg Below Theh Infected But Came Early In Morning And Wanted A Answer In 15 Min.’s No
    Warning No Give Me An Hour To Think About It,Sholda Took $ But Time To Decade Was Wrong So I Also Got An Infectious Desies And Live On $1,000 A Month It Was A Life Chageing Decision And Graphic Arts & Small Auto Shops Went OOB One Account Of $49.00 Printer And Not Being Able To Work On Your Car Anymore As U Have To Be An Electronic’s Whiz. Wish I Could’ve Been Dead B4 This Shit Started. Sorry For Long Coment But Pissed Off.
    Dylan Caamano ☮️🐾🐾

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