The Black Audiobook–Now On Audible, iTunes, And Amazon

The Black audiobook is now available at major retailers around the internet. It’s taken months to make this happen and it’s been a bit of a harrowing experience. In order to get your audiobook into ACX (Audible Creation Xchange) and have it distributed, your book has to go through a vetting process. Said vetting process apparently involves both an algorithmic scan as well as human vetting.

The process is not fast. And since one of my audio files had a problem, my book was held up until I fixed the problem. Well, I did fix the problem and followed the steps to get it back into the queue. That’s when fuckery reared its ugly head. After 21 days of absolute silence from Audible, I wrote them a terse email with all my info, the location of the files, and blah blah blah. What I got back took me by surprise. Evidently someone in quality control completely dropped the proverbial ball. My book had never been put back in the queue and no one had even looked at the new files.

So what they did was apologize, put me in an expedited queue, and voila, my book was for sale within three days of my email. But I would like to also air a professional concern. Their sales dashboard and status dashboard is a nightmare of confusing information. For some reason, their status changes from quality control to in process for sale. Even if, in my case, said book hadn’t passed the QC process. WTF? Amazon bought Audible several years ago and they obviously haven’t put ANY money into fixing the crappy dashboard nor their shitty site for finding audiobooks.

It’s a bit disturbing to uncover all this. As an enterprise software developer, I’m horrified Amazon hasn’t put more money and time into fixing all of this. As an audio producer and business person, I’m disappointed in their lack of care for the folks that actually produce content for them. We all make money off this, but for producers, it should be a painless process so we can add more content and thus make everyone more money. I’ve no issue with the idea of a vetting process. Shit, if KDP and the other ebook outlets had one, it would be much easier to find books that are worth a damn. But the process should be streamlined. It should be instantly accessible at any state to determine what’s going on. Instead, the producer is left wondering if their book is ever going to come out.

All that aside, what’s done is done. I have more books dropping at Audible, iTunes, and Amazon later in the year and what I’ve learned from this first attempt should help me speed through the process and get everything done right. It’s just very depressing to discover that no matter what deadline I set for a book release, there’s no guarantee Audible will have its shit together in time for all three formats to be available simultaneously. That’s a huge goddamned problem.

Enough bitching and moaning and whining and complaining.

Here are the links, folks. If you don’t want to purchase the audiobook directly from me because you have Audible credits, or an Amazon gift card, or an iTunes gift card, or you simply don’t want to have to “sideload” it manually, I’m not offended if you purchase from the e-tailers. Not at all. Each purchase helps the book, helps the podcast, and helps my business grow. So get the full-length, unabridged audiobook for your earholes and I thank you for your patronage.

Where to buy:

3 thoughts on “The Black Audiobook–Now On Audible, iTunes, And Amazon”

  1. You sound exactly like a software developer/analyst. “Hey, there’s a problem. It’s screwing shit up. Here’s how to fix it.” LOL It’s taken me years to acquire as much tact as you’ve just shown.
    Glad to see the book in finally completed.

      1. I assume you’re speaking of my inability to keep my mouth shut at meetings even though they include senior management.

        The answer is simple: a generic allergy to duct tape and an even strong sense of self-preservation. If you can’t live with what they are going to do SCREAM! SCREAM! SCREAM!

        Just kidding, I have amazing tact. But I definitely can’t shut up.

        If you weren’t trying to kick the IT habit; you might find some work with Amazon and Audible. LOL

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