The Black: Arrival–15

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And here we are, Fiendlings. Episode 15 of The Black: Arrival. The book is on sale right freakin’ now from

Laura Church, one of the original fiendlings and a great friend of the show, is facing a serious problem with housing. In the process of getting a divorce, her house is being sold and she has no money to rent a domicile to lay her pretty head. Laura has been through a lot the last two years, including brain cancer and macular degeneration leaving her more than legally blind. In short? She can’t work and those often lauded Canadian benefits aren’t doing shit to help her out.

So if you can, please take a moment, and visit her gofundme page and toss a few bucks her way. It’s for a good cause and trust me, if you ever wanted a loyal, true friend, Laura would be that person. She’s worth it. I’ll leave the full URL in the show notes on the blog as well as in the podcast file. If you can help, you have my undying gratitude.


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My newest novel Daemons of Garaaga is available for pre-order over at To get all the nasty details and see the cover design, go here. Both the trade paperback and ebook will go on sale September 1st. Get a little slice of ancient history mixed with supernatural creatures and my own spin on succubi and incubi.

The Black series is available for purchase in ebook and trade paperback from The Black audiobook is currently available via, iTunes, and in addition to my store.

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The Black: Arrival is available via ebook and paperback from Severed Press.

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