The Black: Arrival–06

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And here we are, Fiendlings. The fifth episode of The Black: Arrival. The book is on sale right freakin’ now from If you want to support the podcast (not to mention the bozo who records it and writes these tales), then go spend a little of your cash on an ebook or the trade paperback. Or hell, just pimp it. I’m just glad you’re here and you’re listening.

Basically, I NEED TO CLEAN OUT SOME SPACE FOR MORE BOOKS! So feel free to get your ass to and purchase yourself some goodies and support the podcast.

The Black series is available for purchase in ebook and trade paperback from

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This podcast presentation of The Black: Arrival is copyright 2015 by Paul E Cooley and is protected by a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives license.

The Black: Arrival is available via ebook and paperback from Severed Press.

Music by Kevin Mcleod. You can find his work at

This has been a presentation of
where we don’t believe in happy endings.

4 thoughts on “The Black: Arrival–06”

  1. I love the way this story is unfolding. And the parallels to the original “The Black” novel only feed the tension. YES!!! we are all anxiously waiting for the LIGHT TEST!
    And one last note: I do like the way you perform the book.

  2. Please tell us that you are going to continue the audio for these next 2 books. Please. Please. Please.

    1. Afraid not. As of now, I have the very very talented Dave Robison on deck for TB3 and TB4. Until I am able to write full time, I have to let the audio go. It’s just too much of my time and I’m unable to get it done fast enough to meet schedules. I’ll still narrate short fiction and, of course,

        The Street

      . But I feel I can’t do the longer works justice and finish them timely enough to provide the content my listeners deserve.

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