The Black–Another Update

Why do I keep writing these updates? Because things are moving so fast I can barely keep up.

Last night I received two awesome pieces of news. First off, the paraquel to The Black is going to happen. Severed Press wants it. I’m going to write it. And it will be even crazier than The Black was.

The second piece of news? The Black is being translated for the German market. That’s huge. It’s the first time any of my stories will appear in a language other than Texan. Or English. Or Java. Or something.

What does this mean? It means 2014 has been by far the most successful year of my writing career. The Black is still selling. It’s not setting the world on fire by any means, but its sales have been consistently good. Am I happy? Yes. Am I terrified? Absolutely. Why? Because I have to do better next time. Every book has to be better than the last. But considering the amazing support from y’all and the improvements I’ve made, it’s not as much a worry as it probably should be.

Last Sunday was the day I received the cover for The Black. One week later, the sequel was purchased, German rights sold, both ebook and paperback are out and doing well. One. F’ing. Week.

Be careful what you wish for, kids, because it can happen. And when it does, you better be ready. I’m ready. Hopefully you’re enjoying The Black and can’t wait for the next installment.

Now if only someone will purchase the movie rights…


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