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The Black is loose on the rig. Which means it’s brown trousers time. is celebrating Fiendmas by offering massive discounts at our store. All signed, limited edition hardcovers are only $14.99. The FiendMaster bundle is only $49.99. Basically, I NEED TO CLEAN OUT SOME SPACE FOR MORE BOOKS! So feel free to get your ass to and purchase yourself some goodies.


The Black is available for purchase in ebook and trade paperback from

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This podcast presentation of The Black is copyright 2014 by Paul E Cooley and is protected by a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives license.

The Black is available via ebook and paperback from Severed Press.

Music by Kevin Mcleod. You can find his work at

This has been a presentation of
where we don’t believe in happy endings.

4 thoughts on “The Black–12”

  1. You know you are a fiendling when you are digging fense post holes and you start joking about taking core samples.

      1. I have a few questions for you. How do you research your stuff? Who do you talk to? How do you get in contact with them?

        1. Hi, Josh.
          I have worked in the software development side of the oil and gas industry for a long time. In addition, my father is a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience. I know a lot of folks that have worked in various aspects of the industry outside of software and more on the production side. I reached out to all of those people to properly research

            The Black

          . I had to cut some corners here and there and take a few, um, liberties with reality for the book to work. In the case of something like this book, it was better to be vague than precise.

          For my other works,

            Garaaga’s Children

          for instance, it was more of researching the hell out of ancient history using a variety of books and online articles.

          If you’re a writer looking for help with research, you can always look for online forums on the subject you’re researching. You’d be surprised how often experts on the subject material will happily assist you.

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