The Black–04

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Blacks_ebook_coverAnd here we are, kids. Episode 4 of The Black. Enjoy!



This podcast presentation of The Black is copyright 2014 by Paul E Cooley and is protected by a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives license.

The Black is available via ebook and paperback from Severed Press.

Music by Kevin Mcleod. You can find his work at

This has been a presentation of
where we don’t believe in happy endings.

5 thoughts on “The Black–04”

  1. Is it just me or is the audio on this one jumping a lot? It’s kind of unlistenable at the moment. I’ve really enjoyed the rest so far though!

    1. To my knowledge there’s no problem with the audio. Are you using the iOS podcast app by any chance? I’ve had problems with it in the past doing that. Especially with Scott Sigler’s feed. The problem seemed to resolve itself during the last update. I’m not sure what causes it though. I’ll take another listen through the audio and look for jumps. There shouldn’t be any thought. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. I too have been having issues with this episode jumping (repeatably)in a few spots. I’m listening via BeyondPod on android and attempted downloading it again with the same results. Otherwise, I’ve really been enjoying the story.

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