Tattoo–New Cover Design

New Tattoo Ebook Cover

Ask anyone who’s read and listened to my work, and they’ll probably tell you Tattoo was the gateway drug into my fictional worlds. There’s a reason for that. It’s a quick, nasty ride that rushes through your blood like adrenalin and leaves you gasping.

Since Tattoo was first podcast, I have put out volumes of other stories, but it still remains a fan favorite, as well as one of mine.

This is actually the third cover attempt for the story. I once again put my work in the capable hands of Starla Huchton to make it right. This is the result.

EBook covers are much like the paperback covers of old–they tend to be more important than the words contained within. Great writers can create great worlds, great words, and still manage to sell absolute squat if they have a crap cover. Here’s hoping the new cover grabs more folks and inducts them into my worlds, for better or worse.


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