Essay: Balticon 50–All That Was and Could Have Been

This year was my sixth at Balticon, and boy was it a crazy time. If you’re not familiar with Balticon, that’s okay. It’s held every year in Baltimore, Maryland during Memorial Day weekend. While it’s technically a “sci-fi/fantasy” convention, the podcasting community made serious inroads nearly a decade ago. Since then, it’s been very friendly to the so-called “new-media” endeavors like podcasting, YouTube, and the like.

When I first attended Balticon, the first presentation of Closet Treats was wrapping up. I had made a number of connections via social media to both patrons and other creators. Therefore, the con, for me, wasn’t about being on panels. It was more about meeting all the folks I’d fanboyed over as well as the listeners that helped me find my footing in the podcast/writing community.

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