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Too much Garaaga for you to handle.

Garaaga's Children: Ancients LE Hardcover

Own a piece of history. Garaaga's Children: Ancients collects the first six stories of the Parsec Award Nominated series.

From prehistoric time to the present, one blood line has endured. Garaaga's children range from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia to Jerusalem and beyond, influencing ancient civilizations, mighty crusades, and everyday lives.

The Garaaga's Children:Ancients hardcover pre-order includes the folowing:

  • Special edition ebook version containing the same bonus materials in the hardcover as well as a previously unpublished Garaaga's Children story.
  • Illustrations

Only 250 were printed.

If you would like your ebook/hardcover personalized, please enter the information in the "special instructions" portion of the order.

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Garaaga's Children: Ancients E-Book

Legends of Garaaga Audiobook

An ancient horror emerges in the tales of our past...

Before the written word, a lone warrior hunts an ancient evil. Thousands of years later, a young man travels from the forests of the Indus Valley to the mighty kingdom of Akkad to keep a legend alive. Alexander the Great's scouts fight for their lives when they discover a creature as deadly as it is beautiful. And at the Library of Alexandria, a scribe discovers the truth--the god Garaaga and its children are real.

Legends of Garaaga chronicles the origin of a legend and its passage from the stone age to the peak of the Roman Empire. Legends is a dark, brooding collection of stories that pits humanity against a dark god's progeny.

7 hours and 20 minutes of unabridged audiobook goodness.

Daemons of Garaaga Audiobook

Includes the story "Hela," a never before podcast tale that is NOT available in Garaaga's Children: Ancients.

Legends of Garaaga TPB

This is a signed/personalized (if you enter instructions upon ordering) copy of the trade paperback. If you are attending Balticon and want it hand-delivered to you (without shipping), use the coupon code "balticon" at checkout. Supplies are limited and once the inventory is depleted, they're gone.

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Daemons of Garaaga TPB

Whether you're already a Garaaga fan or you want to enter the series, Daemons of Garaaga is the perfect addition to your library. Get your talons on your very own autographed and personalized Daemons of Garaaga trade paperback. I'll pick up my pens, put a silver autograph on the cover, and write whatever you want on the inside. Supplies are limited and there will be NO BACKORDERS OFFERED! I only have this item in stock for conventions and therefore only offer them when I actually order them. So get yours now.

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The “Garaaga” Bundle includes the limited edition hardcover (while supplies last), as well as the audiobooks, and the trade paperbacks. While supplies last, we’re even throwing in a trade paperback copy of The Street, which is no longer for sale.

Be sure to leave signing/personalization instructions in the sales notes.


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