Here’s a list of Promos for the books and stories.

Ghere’s Inferno Promo




Derelict: Marines Promo



black-podcast-imageThe Black Promo



TBA-PodcastArtThe Black: Arrival Book Promo



The Black: Outbreak Promo



6 thoughts on “Promos”


    I just found The Black, and it’s AWESOME!!! Having worked in the Oil industry (ok, it’s only in IT), but I’ve worked with a number of rig engineers, and man… you’re soo spot on with The Black and I’m damn glad I’m not going out to a rig… b/c that’d just creep me out to no end!!!!!

    Thanks for the awesome story and I’m jonesing on continuing the saga!!

    Keep on keepin’ on!!

  2. Heard About YouVia Scott Seigler And Would Like To Subscribe To Your Podcast,I Think I Did Though iTunes But I Beleive Somethings Off I May Need A Link From You? Or Other I Just Put Subscribe And Choice iTunes But I’m Only Getting One Story Derilict Marines When I Would Like To Start From Your Begginging Works.
    You Can Use email Above Or

    Please Send me Info.

  3. Paul,
    Just Writing To Say Thanks For The Stories,Where Can I Rate You 5 Stars.
    Been A Subscriber For Some Time Now,And a Really Like Your Stuff!
    I Also Liked Mike Bennets Works aa Lot aBut When He Went To Patreon
    I Didn’t zMind The 3 Bucks A Month BUT Patreon And Getting My Content And The Way The Took The $3.00 At The End Of A Month Was Costing Me TO MUCH In OverDrafts And Other Charges I Am Disabled And Get Under 900.00 A Month To Live
    And By months End Lucky if There Is $3.00 in account and Asked Them Many X To Pull The Money On 3rd Of A month as that’s when cash Us available BUT They Wouldn’t Do This And 40/50 Bucks in Bank charges wasn’t Worth It,And Only Oulet For His Casts
    I Lisen to Scott Sigker Also And A Few Others But There Has To Be an alternative To Patreon. Nuff Say d
    Thank You
    Sin.Dylan Caamano

    1. Howdy, Dylan. I’m still working on creating an alternative to Patreon. Issues the last few months have kept me from being able to find the time.
      Rest assured, your continued listenership and support is all I need. Until I get that off the ground, just buy an ebook every once in a while and spread the word. 🙂

      Glad you’re continuing to enjoy the podcast, mate. And thanks for reaching out.

  4. Wow, I have not found a book series I have enjoyed so much in years. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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