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  1. Loving The Black, some great lines. “Science hates cowards, and hell loves fools.” Keep up the great work Paul

  2. THE BLACK IS AWESOME BROTHER. Just found it really enjoying it. Just finished arrival on to outbreak is there another story in the works

  3. Great work mate. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read/listened to (especially Closet Treats). You’ve got some pretty gnarly ideas, keep ’em coming.
    Gonna head down to the Kindle store and pick up the new book.

  4. what happened to your podcast. I haven’t seen anything posted nor find a new feed since January

    1. Howdy, Steve. Not sure which feed you’re looking at. However, the main feed, Shadowpublications.com has been running a new novel since Derelict: Tomb ended.

      Derelict: Destruction should begin its run in the next week or so.

      If you refresh the main feed and still see no new episodes, then you should unsubscribe and resubscribe.

  5. I enjoyed the black series a lot. Great story, ongoing suspense and lots of fun to read. Happily I just found podcast of derelict marines. I have been out of work and funds so finding such a great story to listen to has made my week. Your story is tight and well written as usual. The podcast is easy to listen to and, again, a lot of provocative fun. I will buy the audiobooks when I can now I know they exist. Hope you keep writing!

  6. Just finishing the Black series and I have to say I love it!! Now have half the office listening to it and taking excitedly about it!! Great writing and love how the three books run together and come at you from different angles !!
    Also I never what to go anywhere near an oil rig!!!!

  7. I just purchased an audiobook copy of The Black Evolution. How do I download?

    1. You should have just received an email with the instructions. Sorry. For some reason woo-commerce PayPal integration didn’t work. Let me know if you have more issues.

        1. Mark: For some reason the order was stuck. Paypal never notified the system of a payment. I have manually completed the order. Please let me know if there are any other issues. Cheers.

          1. Thank you all good now been loving the black series:) keep up the good work

  8. I use Podbean for my podcasts,and one of my most shared podcasts is Shadowpublications’for the available series.I am just fanboy’ing all about The Black,I’ve got several coworkers listening and they enjoy it very much.Thanks for your works,I’m finally about to binge your Derelict books to wrap up this week!

  9. I’ve just discovered The Black and I’m enjoying it so far. As a former oilfield geologist and (at the time) one of the few women in the field, the beginning gave me the nostalgic feels.

  10. Hi Paul,
    Love The Black, Derelict, Garaaga, Closet Treats… hell, I love all your stuff!
    I need another fix man!
    What are you going to release on the podcast next, and do you have an eta?

  11. Absolutely LOVED the Black as well as re-loving the Derelict saga…. just waiting to see how this universe evolves!!!!

  12. Loving both The Black and Derelict works, very addictive. Some definite similarities and wondering if both worlds will cross over?!
    Keep up the good work, you’re very taltented

  13. I thought you were going to do one more book in this series called Derelict Shipyards. Or maybe I’m mistaken. I’m planning on getting the ebook version for all the books in this series. After listening to your last podcast, I agree with you that I want to know what happens next. If you publish it, I’ll read or listen to it.

    1. Howdy and sorry for the late response. I ended up combining Trident and Shipyards into just “Trident.” I’d have felt like a right bastard otherwise. Did make for a much longer book, but it was the right call. Thank you for the kind words.

  14. I have had the pleasure of discovering  your podcast  of the Derelict series, I can not thank you enough for making it free and publicly available.  

    I rarely reach out to those who make these types of things available, for various reasons,  such as “I bet you get alot requests”, “self confidence etc”

    But I can not stress enough how much I appreciate your work and the fact you have made it publicly available. If I was in a position to donate or subscribe to you, I would absolutely love to,  alas my life situations and finances don’t allow me to show you the  deserved support you deserve. ( I bet you have heard that alot LOL) . However I would very much like, actually love to follow your work, especially science fiction. But enough of my excuses for not donating or subscribing. You sir are a beacon of inspiration and storytelling and I very much appreciate and enjoy your work.  At this time I have been listening to your free podcasts of derelict. (Currently listening to the 3rd book) and so far, enjoying it very much.) I Cannot thank you enough for allowing me to have access to your work free of cost. And felt you deserve a much heart felt thanks
    Kind regards

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