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10 comments on “Podcast
  1. Gregory Preston says:

    Loving The Black, some great lines. “Science hates cowards, and hell loves fools.” Keep up the great work Paul

  2. Chad Zasso says:

    I love The Black you did a great job.

  3. Louis Green says:

    THE BLACK IS AWESOME BROTHER. Just found it really enjoying it. Just finished arrival on to outbreak is there another story in the works

  4. kilgore mantrout says:

    Great work mate. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read/listened to (especially Closet Treats). You’ve got some pretty gnarly ideas, keep ’em coming.
    Gonna head down to the Kindle store and pick up the new book.

  5. Steve Uciechowski says:

    what happened to your podcast. I haven’t seen anything posted nor find a new feed since January

    • Paul Cooley says:

      Howdy, Steve. Not sure which feed you’re looking at. However, the main feed, Shadowpublications.com has been running a new novel since Derelict: Tomb ended.

      Derelict: Destruction should begin its run in the next week or so.

      If you refresh the main feed and still see no new episodes, then you should unsubscribe and resubscribe.

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