Pimpage–Legends of Garaaga Cover

Legends Of Garaaga Paperback


“The girl on the altar began to scream.
Acquila leapt from the path and crashed into the brush. Nerutal cursed as the members of the circle turned toward him. “Darian, attack!” Nerutal cried and followed Acquila into the clearing.”

Excerpt From: Paul E Cooley. “Legends of Garaaga”

It seems like I commissioned this project a billion years ago. The sad fact is that the designer, the wonderfully patient and talented Scott Pond, has been waiting on me to get my shit together for a very long time. And finally? We’re here.

On Saturday, Nov 22nd, Legends of Garaaga will go on sale at Amazon and the audiobook from my site. If this cover doesn’t pique your interest, I’ve no idea what will. Because Mr. Pond reads my work before designing the covers, he is very good at picking out certain scenes and targeting them. Once we agree on the scene, he does his magic. And folks? The man is MADE of magic.

Mr. Pond? You have once again knocked it out of the park.

For the Garaaga’s Children series, this is the first of many books to come. And I know they’ll all look as enticing.


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