Pimpage–Jennifer Melzer and Matt Wallace

I’ve been a bit remiss in extolling the virtues of some writers I respect. Writers who are very good at their craft and produce excellent content. For that, I’m whipping myself with a wet noodle.

So here we go, kids.

Before I introduce the first one, I need to disclose something. Jennifer Melzer has edited many of my works, including Garaaga’s Children: Ancients. Strangely enough, however, I was watching her career long before she began editing as an additional profession. If you’ve never heard of The Goblin Market, go getcha some and check it out. That should be proof enough of what I’m saying.

Not only is Jenny a great writer and editor, she’s a damned decent human being. Her new book, Edgelanders, was just released. If you like fantasy, you should definitely visit the link and read a few pages. See if it’s for you. Chances are, it is. Regardless of my thoughts, go check out the history of this thing on the charts. It made quite an impact.

Now, it’s time for the terrifying. I say terrifying because Matt Wallace is quite possibly the most acerbic human being on twitter. He makes Grumpy Cat look like a friendly optimist. But besides his personal disgust with human-kind, he also writes some kick-ass fiction. Once upon a time, I reviewed his short-story collection The Next Fix. It is by far one of my faves.

And now, it appears as though he’s ready to savage the world with another piece of fiction. His new novel, Slingers, will appear on the scene tomorrow. You can read a preview of the book here. Did I mention Matt is also the author of The Failed Cities and Delve? No? Well I should have, because they are f’ing awesome.

These are two independently published authors you should investigate. You might like them, you might not, but I think they’re both worth a few minutes of your time.


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