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They say “good things come to those who wait.” And after all the time it’s taken to put this book together, I know it’s true.

We at Shadowpublications.com have been working on this book for a long time. In November 2014, we released Legends of Garaaga on Amazon.com. Less than a year later, we’re finally publishing its companion: Daemons of Garaaga.

For those of you that have been with the Garaaga series from day one, you’ve already read two of the stories in this collection. But if you’ve only ever heard the original podcast, then you’re missing out on 54k words of additional content. Two stories in Daemons, “Hela” and “Ama,” have never been podcast. “Ama” was included in the original limited edition hardcover Ancients, but was never available as a stand-alone ebook. Therefore most of you have never read/heard it.

While Legends focused on the human beings who encountered Garaaga’s nephilim, Daemons recounts the tales of three generations of nephilim and the struggles they face in the human world. Like Legends, Daemons is set in the distant past. Ranging from the Indus Valley to Hammurabi’s Babylon, Daemons brims with historic detail.

Daemons mixes eroticism, ancient mysticism, and history in its tales. If you enjoyed Legends of Garaaga, you’re certain to love this one. Although the two tomes are independent, details revealed in Daemons will certainly enlighten you. Haven’t read Legends? Then Daemons should whet your palate. When Daemons is released on September 1st, the Legends of Garaaga ebook will go on sale for just 99¢. Get them both and enjoy.

The audiobook will be made available as soon as production is finished.

As always, thank you for supporting my artistic endeavors and especially this series.



5 thoughts on “Pimpage–Daemons of Garaaga Preorder”

    1. “Should?” Good question. Here’s the deal. Daemons has the story of Hela, Ama’s mother. That story is NOT in Ancients. So is another full length novella worth it? Kind of up to you. The audiobook for Daemons will be available in the next month or two. HOWEVER, for those of you that purchased the hardcover, I’ll more than likely send you the ebook/audiobook gratis as I did with Legends.

  1. Ok, had to get my pre-order into Amazon. I’m traveling next weekend and need something for the plane. I doubt anyone will read over my shoulder for very long. Unless it’s a dark haired girl with green eyes with a strange tatoo on her back.

    Can you tell that I’ve just listened to Marker again.
    Nervous, HELL YES, I’m going back to the land of the Ice Cream trucks at twilight.
    Looking for to revisiting the adventures of that nasty stone MoFo again.
    Thanks for all the great literature.

      1. Disturbed?! I’ve been disturbed for all of my adult life,

        However, I think the stories of Garaaga and his rituals in the 21st century work very well.

        Whenever and whereever there is evil, Garaaga is there.

        I think Tattoo is the story with which I share the most kinship. I understood Ponzi’s motivation and empathized with it. Everything he did made perfect sense.

        And of course Closet Treats. It was only good until the Ice Cream trucks showed up in real life around. And that music in the podcasts came rolling down the street at twilight. The timing was perfect.

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