Outbreak Se Finé

Scream it from the rafters, folks. I have finished the penultimate draft of The Black: Outbreak. This book has taken longer to finish than the first two books combined. It’s larger, more complex, and sets up a ton things for the next book. Boy, howdy is book four going to be a humdinger.

So what does this mean? Well, there are still some items to take care of. For instance, I need to figure out the verbiage for the dedication, the acknowledgements, and possibly an afterword. But the difficult step is done. Finished. Adíos!

So tomorrow it will be off to the publisher. That’s when things get interesting. Severed Press will take a look, edit the heck out of it, and then send it back to me. Once we agree on the changes, the book will be that much closer to production. In other words, all that’s left is the ebook design, book layout, and book production. Then all hell breaks loose. I hope.

I’m a very tired man, so I’ll try and keep this as short as possible before I throw on some Yen Pox and go to sleep wandering the depths of hell.

Although this book has taken so much longer to write than the other two, I feel it’s a better book. It might even be the best of the bunch. If you like science fiction mixed with action horror, I think you’re going to absolutely love this.

I’ll start audio production (again) as soon as the book reaches the proof stage. By then I should have something that will match the book’s final version and hopefully that dang-old audio/ebook synchronize feature will work properly. That will be my primary focus for a couple of weeks. Both The Black and The Black: Arrival weighed in at nearly 8.5 hours of audio. The Black: Outbreak is around 1/5 larger in terms of words. In terms of audio? Well, you do the math. If you go by the rule that it takes roughly 3 hours to create one hour of finished audio, and I have a day job, and two podcasts to run, and that I’m away from home one week a month, you can see this is at least a 30-35 hour endeavor when I have roughly 2 hours a night to spend on it. And the weekends? I have to record between lawnmowers and leaf blowers, barking dogs, screaming kids (neighbor’s), and my own needy pets.

I get exhausted just thinking about it. So the finished audio book may take a while to get out there, but the podcast will begin, even if the final audiobook version isn’t finished, sometime in May. It’s going to be a long run and the cliffhangers from week to week will be maddening. I promise.

In the next week or so, you can expect a cover reveal and possibly dates for the podcast premier. And…a trailer? A sneak peak at the podcast intro? Wow, anything could happen…

Okay, I know I’m punch drunk. I’ll go sleep now. Just know that I’m that much closer to giving you another ride with the monster that put me on the map. There was no Q&A episode for Arrival, but I guarantee there will be one for this. Now, I’m going to sleep. Good night!


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