Garaaga’s Children

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From prehistoric time to the present, one blood line has endured. Garaaga’s children range from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia to Jerusalem and beyond, influencing ancient civilizations, mighty crusades, and everyday lives.

The stories of the god Garaaga, his half-human progeny, and their supplicants have been passed down through the generations. Leaving a frightful, lustful, body-strewn trail through the ages, Garaaga’s children and worshipers have survived to spread their religion around the world.

These are their histories – Garaaga’s Children.



Generations of the Hunter line have tried and failed for centuries to bring down the beast of Gujaritan. Every forty seasons, the beast takes a sacrifice from the village. Armed only with their wits, spears, and psychic abilities, the Hunter line has taught their sons to master the wilderness and themselves before striking out to face the beast.
Rashim, the last of the Hunter line, leaves his wife and the village, intent on destroying the creatures once and for all.
“The Last Hunter” is the first story in the Garaaga’s Children saga and forges the legend that is passed down through the centuries.



For generations, the Keepers sect has passed down the legend of Rashim and the beast of Gujaritan. Young Isin of Gujaritan is the last man inducted into the sect before his village is destroyed. Intent on keeping both the legend and the history of his people, Isin sets out for Akkad to find a scribe who can keep the stories alive.


InterlopersThey fought in his wars. They were the best of his army. But now, Alexander the Great has exiled the last of his scouts to wander the Indus Valley and find their fate. Fighting disease, strange animals, and a hostile climate, the four remaining scouts encounter something as deadly as it is beautiful.
Interlopers, the third volume of the Garaaga’s Children series, progresses the epic tale and gives hints to the mythology of the god Garaaga and its children.



Rashim the Hunter killed the beast.
The Keepers kept the legend alive.
The Macedonians uncovered the ancient book.
And now, in the Library of Alexandria, the greatest storehouse of human knowledge, one scribe discovers the truth about the god Garaaga–this is not a legend.
Scrolls, volume four in the Garaaga’s Children saga, ties together the previous tales in a fiery conclusion.

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