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FIENDLINGS! This is episode 01 of Scrolls, book 4 of the Garaaga’s Children series. Visit ancient Egypt in the year 48 BCE during the Ptolemic war. The story takes place at the Library of Alexandria and will tie up some “loose ends” from the previous stories (“The Last Hunter”, “Keepers”, and “Interlopers”). I promise it’s going to leave you asking even more questions. Why? Because I have a plan and you’re just going to have to wait until it’s done, dammit.

Scrolls is already available via ebook at,, and for $2.99.

The unabridged audiobook will be available later today at Ebook bundles will also be available there. If you’re interested in the bundles, please do not purchase the ebooks until they’re available at the store. If you do purchase them and want to purchase the bundle later, I’ll accept a receipt from ya and give you a discount on the bundles.

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Scrolls, book 4 of the Garaaga’s Children series, is copyright 2012 by Paul Elard Cooley and is protected under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives 3.5 license.


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