Garaaga's Children–03-Keepers Part 2

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Hello, Fiendlings!

Here we are at Balticon. Yes the madness has been going on for over 72 hours and I still live!

Siglerfest was Thursday and Friday and we had a blast. I've already posted some pics on facebook and twitter and I'll post more as time goes by.

I'm on a lot of panels this holiday weekend, so I'm damned busy. But I wanted to make sure this got into the feed so you get your well-deserved content.

I have successfully demonstrated my new application for writers that allows them to personalize and autograph ebooks. The deal isn't inked yet, but we should actually be able to sell these ebook copies directly from our store on I'm really excited about this and will be making a video demonstration in the coming week.


But enough of all that. It's to bend your ears back and return to Akkad.

In other words, here's Keepers, part 2. Enjoy!




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