Garaaga Sigil–First Render

Cuneiform is the oldest known written language. When I first started writing the Garaaga’s Children series, the glyph you see on the left was always in my mind. Coming up with it was a free-form exercise. I needed something recognizable on sight that would also make sense if rendered using just text.

After exhaustive searching, I managed to find a cuneiform font that I liked. What this allowed me to do was to actually render the glyph as I originally saw it in my head.

The cuneiform that makes up the sigil, for right now, is only one word: Garaaga, and it’s hardly correct according to the rules of cuneiform construction. Since it’s a first render pass, it will have to do, but ultimately this will be a prayer to the deity. 

If you have read/listened to Keepers, Interlopers, and Scrolls, you might remember the description of the symbol that covers both the backs of Garaaga’s worshippers as well as inscribed in the ancient text.

This should give you a better idea of what I had in mind and how I saw it in my imagination. I’m hopeful that I can make it look a bit more organic in the second pass. Although I have to say, this sucker would make an AWESOME tattoo.




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