Fiend (n)–an evil spirit or demon. The Devil; Satan. A diabolically evil or wicked person.

Fiends is a collection of stories that chronicles monsters, both human and inhuman. From serial killers to supernatural daemons, the tales are psychological horror at its best. Don’t forget to leave the lights on…

Short Fiction



4 thoughts on “Fiends”

  1. Paul,
    I recently began listening to your podcast of The Black. It has been very good and I’m really getting into it. However, I only downloaded the first 15 episodes from iTunes. I went back to download more episodes and noticed that only the episodes for the most recent book are currently available to download. I definitely want to listen to this too but I’d like to be caught up to listen to it. Where can I find the podcast episodes of the remaining of The Black and the episodes of The Black: Arrival?
    Thank you very much!
    Also I found you from listening to Scott Sigler’a podcast.

  2. Man I’m really loving all your stories. Gets me through the day. Hope things are going great for you . Just realized you live around Houston Texas that’s my birthday place the old Herman Hospital. Hope things are better after the hurricane if you ever get to Tyler Tx would love to have a drink and shoot the sh@t with ya. Happy writing looking forward to more

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