Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 12

Because I love you, here's Episode 12.

I am putting out the Fiends short story collection on FOR FREE!  Please do me a favor, download them, read them, and rate them. When they come out on, b&, and the iTunes store, I'll need yo uto do the same.   Leave obnoxious comments.  Whatever.  BE HONEST.  These are the gateway drug stories to get money for Tattoo.  So when Tattoo goes up, it'll be on sale for $.99.  I hope you will be willing to help get me going.

I have written a story for Scott Sigler's "The Crypt" collection.  If you haven't heard "The Crypt" yet, you better go and listen before my story airs in May.

  The Crypt

"Closet Treats" episode 12.

Written and performed by Paul Elard Cooley featuring original music written and performed by Andrew Richardson.
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This presentation is copyright 2010 by Paul Elard Cooley.
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