When I checked my email through TOR, I found the order embedded between geologic layers of spam.  Even on a pirate bay account, the massive sedimentary layers of junk threaten to crush useful information into useless bytes.  You’d think that the same spammers who use pirate bay’s servers would be a little more courteous.  But this is what I have to do deal with.

The order was simple.  Male.  White.  Twenties.  I’m used to getting more explicit instructions; every now and then, I get an order that’s anonymous.  Usually there’s a name attached.  A dosier.  Bare information about the delivery.  Sometimes, I just get told anyone will do.  When there’s a screening process, it makes life much easier.  The Breakers do the research, I get the order, and the mission is on.

A breaker goes on a mission.  Welcome to the machine…

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