Ever hear the phrase “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” Ever hear the phrase “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry?” Or maybe you’ve heard the phrase “dammit, man, can you do anything according to plan?” Well, that last is really in my head, but still…you get the point.

Last week I wrote an essay called “Finding the end” about my trials and tribulations with my current work in progress. I am happy to report I found the end. I’m pissed off as hell to report that it’s a LONG way away. Like 10-15k words away.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d just shrug and say “it takes as long as it takes.” However, my friends, I have a serious issue here.

In order to make my (self-imposed) deadline of October 31st, 2015 for the release of The Black: Outbreak, I have to abandon Flames. Again. Dammit!

Well, abandon might be a strong word. Based on the word count I already have, and the estimate I still have to write, Flames should take at least three weeks to finish if I couple working on it with TB3. So I’m not going to completely kick this book to the curb. I’ll work on it when I can, but I have to move it around so I can finish the so-called paying stuff. It’s business. It sucks, but it’s what has to happen.

I’m not going to rush Flames. I want it to be the best book it can be and trying to end it just to make an arbitrary deadline (granted, one I set) is foolish. TB3 first draft finished by September 1st? That I can do. I think. We’ll see.

And the unlovely truth is that Flames will more than likely not see publication for a long time. But y’all are going to have a ton of content in the podcast feed and I still have a back catalog of items that are nearly ready for publication. So there’s not going to be a cessation or delay in production. Just means I have to switch gears.

We will have some serious announcements in the near future regarding dates for Daemons of Garaaga and a new audiobook version of Closet Treats. When they’re ready, you’ll hear about it.

As I’ve said before, this “scheduling” thing is rather new for me. Before, it was me working on whatever, whenever, with no clear dates. I changed all that for TB2 and it worked. It was painful, but it worked. As long as I stick to the hard dates for the books I know are going to sell, I’ll be in great shape. It sucks that I have to drop other items I’m excited about, but again, this is a business. And I need to keep the momentum going.

That said, I want to thank all of you who helped pimp or purchased The Black: Arrival. I have a happy publisher and all my books are selling. Yes, all of them. If we can get some more reviews for Arrival, Closet Treats, and Legends of Garaaga, then hopefully those numbers will only climb.

The goal is to write full time. The goal is to kick out a first draft every 2-3 months from now until doomsday. If I’m writing full time, I can create more content faster. And if you’re reading this little rant, then chances are that’s something you want. Any help you can give is always appreciated.

So, let’s end this “Dammit!” essay with some optimism. I will make my deadline for TB3. We will publish several items later this year. And I will finish Flames and start Signal Decay by the beginning of fourth quarter. That’s the plan. And I’m sticking to it.

4 thoughts on “Essay–Dammit!”

  1. It’s all good Amigo. Pay no attention to the rabid zombies (necro somnambulators) who hound you. Like Mike Bennet knows, the quality is the most important thing. Rushing to satisfy the angry hordes will only serve to dilute your craft. We will patiently wait. Remember… deadlines were made to be broken.
    Regards… a fiendling

  2. Evening Fiendmaster,
    Let it Rock! You have a plan. And it isn’t like you’re letting flames smolder to do a book that is trash. The Black is a first rate project.
    I’m glad Flames has found its ending. Not forced not edited with an ax. I’ll be here when it comes out. I’ll be waiting for TB3. It is a pleasure to read your books and listen to your podcasts, and if TB3 helps you to do more of that in the long run, then I can’t think of a reason to complain.
    Write like Garaaga is closing in on you.

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