Derelict: Tomb–Update

Howdy, folks. Just a little update on the second book in the Derelict Saga. The manuscript is in the publisher’s hands, their editors doing what they do. I’m expecting the final manuscript changes back within the next two weeks with publication following a few days after I return them.

This means that Derelict: Tomb will most likely see publication by the end of the month, or the first week of June at the latest. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the multimedia version of the audiobook will be available for sale from my site before it appears on So if you finish Derelict: Marines and want to listen to the next installment of the tale, you’ll be able to do so as quickly as possible.

I’ll be posting cover art for the new book as soon as it’s in my inbox.


2 thoughts on “Derelict: Tomb–Update”

    1. Michael:
      The best way to track my book release schedule is to follow me on social media, visit my website, or join my mailing list. I’ll try and remember to send you a heads up, but it’s difficult for me to keep track of comments like this.

      Thank you for your patronage and I’m very pleased you enjoyed the book.


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