Derelict: Tomb – Episode 01

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This has been a presentation of
where some mysteries shouldn’t be solved.

6 thoughts on “Derelict: Tomb – Episode 01”

  1. I love this series so far but I have to be that guy: a spinning Mira would not have objects floating inside of it- they would be pressed against interior surfaces due to the spin.

    1. You are correct. However, how much gravity would there be if the ship is making one revolution every six hours? I tried figuring it out but lacked the math to determine what the grav pull would actually be.

      My feeling is that it wouldn’t be enough to seriously affect objects in the ship. Although I’m ready to admit I could be wrong.

      1. The quick answer is that since objects want to travel in a straight line, they’ll collide with a spinning Mira’s decks and bulkheads.
        Whether this results in objects resting on the “floor” or bouncing around interior compartments is, agreed, more math than a busy author has time for!

        If it still doesn’t make sense, just make the physical structure of Mira invisible. Every dropped wrench, corpse, and space horror should be travelling in a straight line, but what S&R Black would see here is the contents of the ship making 6 hour loops as they travel through space, which defies physics. Something has to keep them moving in those loops, whether that’s the bulkheads and deck plating pulling on them like a sling or specially configured (and operating) grav plates.


        All that aside, lots of fun! Love your work.

        1. Oh, well. First outing in space science-fiction. I hope you’ll forgive my idiocy. And I’m damned glad to hear you’re enjoying the series. Cheers.

  2. Prob dumb ? But if I buy book from store does it automatically download to phone? Ex like in iTunes and your podcast? Love the music and sound effects

    1. Alas, no. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to make that happen. What you need to do is download the zip file, explode it, and then add the files to your phone or add them to iTunes manually. Then it will act like an audiobook on your device.

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