Derelict: Marines – Episode 5


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This has been a presentation of
where some mysteries shouldn’t be solved.

2 thoughts on “Derelict: Marines – Episode 5”

  1. Hi Paul love the new podcast. . Derelict.!!!

    I was wondering if this takes place in the same universe as the crypt”Washington DC”.?

    Is the monster in the black a evolution or mutation of the monster from the crypt ?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Glad to hear you like the new book. Nothing to with The Crypt. The Crypt is a Sigler thing and while I wrote in that universe, his series takes place much further in the future than mine. The Black creature is, I guess, my take on Carpenter’s The Thing meets The Blob meets Alien and then applying science to figure out what the hell it is.


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