Closet Treats: Episode 25

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Here’s episode 25, the finale,  of Closet Treats.

My new novel, The Black: Outbreak, is now available from Support the podcast and get yourself a suspense filled horror/action mashup.

You can purchase Closet Treats in ebook and trade paperback right now from, and the unabridged audiobook from Audible and, and iTunes.

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This podcast presentation of Closet Treats is copyright 2015 by Paul E Cooley and is protected by a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives license.

Performed by John Mierau.

Original music by Andrew Richardson.

This has been a presentation of
where we don’t believe in happy endings.

2 thoughts on “Closet Treats: Episode 25”

  1. Just wanted to say congratulations on going full time!

    Is there any way to leave reviews outside of itunes? I subscribe to you via RSS feed so other than chatting here I don’t really have any way to help you out other than telling friends on my decrepit never looked at facebook wall.

    1. Goodreads will take a review as well, even if you say it’s for the podcast. I know there are several other podcast review sites out there, but off hand, I’ve no idea what the links are. I’ll take a look because this is a very good question. Thank you for asking, thank you for your support, and thanks for the congrats. 🙂

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