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The Dead Robots’ Society–An Argument For Self-Publishing

 Download Now Terry, Justin and I rant and rave about pros and cons of self versus traditional publishing.

The Dead Robots’ Society–Writin’ 2–Podcast Boogaloo

 Download Now Justin, Terry, and I discuss the art of writing prequels and sequels.

GC: Ancients Dustjacket

It’s been a very long wait. Too damned long. But here it is: the dustjacket for your very own copy of Garaaga’s Children: Ancients. We expect to send the book off for proof print the first week of September. If

The Dead Robots’ Society: Space City Con 2013 Drunk Cast

 Download Now Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

The Dead Robots’ Society: Crossing The Genre Streams

 Download Now Justin, Terry, and I discuss the business of writing cross-genre fiction.

The Dead Robots’ Society–For Love or Money

 Download Now This week Terry, Justin, and I talk about writing for the market or writing for yourself.

The Dead Robots Society: Charlie Brown From Dirty Magik to Transmedia

 Download Now We talk about Charlie Brown’s anthology "Dirty Magik" and the possible future of Transmedia projects.

The Dead Robots’ Society–Robots on Inspiration Point

 Download Now This week, the other Robots and I discuss what inspires our writing and a little hint of where we get our ideas and WHY we write.

Balticon47–Historically Uncompromised

Download Now Panel from Balticon 47 on the subject of writing historical fiction. Enjoy!

The Fiendmaster on the Hollywood Outsider

 Download Now The folks at The Hollywood Outsider made the mistake of inviting me on their show to discuss horror movies and the industry. Also, monster mash!