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I’ve been a bit remiss in extolling the virtues of some writers I respect. Writers who are very good at their craft and produce excellent content. For that, I’m whipping myself with a wet noodle. So here we go, kids. …

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Download Now Against their better judgement (and sanity), the MythWits crew invited me on to their live streaming show. Hilarity occurred and you should give it a listen. Check out their great show at

I have spent the last 12 months promising a new website. Due to the crazy work schedule, funding, and etc, I’m just now getting round to getting this up and running. So what does this mean? In order to move …

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 Download Now   The FiendMaster joined Michell Plested’s excellent show "Get Published"  to discuss horor with Scott Roche and Jake Bible. It was a doozy. Thanks to all for having me on and the great conversation.

 Download Now Terry, Justin and I rant and rave about pros and cons of self versus traditional publishing.

 Download Now Justin, Terry, and I discuss the art of writing prequels and sequels.

It’s been a very long wait. Too damned long. But here it is: the dustjacket for your very own copy of Garaaga’s Children: Ancients. We expect to send the book off for proof print the first week of September. If …

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 Download Now Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

 Download Now Justin, Terry, and I discuss the business of writing cross-genre fiction.

 Download Now This week Terry, Justin, and I talk about writing for the market or writing for yourself.