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The Black–Signed TPB Copies now available

Y’all have been riding my ass for months, so here we are. I have 14 trade paperback copies of The Black for you to purchase. once they’re gone, they’re gone. No backorders.  

Interview–Monster Podcast (pt1)

Download Now Edward Woodward of The Monster Podcast was kind enough to interview me for his show. You can check out part 1 one of the interview here. We talk about the history of, my writing, and my bad

The Black for 99¢

Yes, it finally freakin’ happened. For the next 6 days, The Black ebook is on sale from for a whopping 99 cents. 99 CENTS! 85,000 words for three times less than a lot of you pay for coffee. If

Essay–2014 Birthday Thoughts

I am a very fortunate man. And yet I know some of that fortune is from hard work and the will to struggle. And life is a struggle. Period. I started writing again in 2008 after leaving the craft for

Essay–The Marketing Problem

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, I suck at marketing. Especially for my creations like the series Children of Garaaga. To be honest, it’s a difficult sell. Instead of a large sprawling epic fantasy novel, it’s a collection

Essay–Small Business Saturday

Ah, yes. The turkey has been sacrificed. Bushels of cranberry were destroyed to make a chunky red paste. And billions of pounds of pumpkin were savaged and turned into pie. Mmm….pie. In other words, Thanksgiving is over and now it’s

Pimpage–Legends of Garaaga Cover

  “The girl on the altar began to scream. Acquila leapt from the path and crashed into the brush. Nerutal cursed as the members of the circle turned toward him. “Darian, attack!” Nerutal cried and followed Acquila into the clearing.”

Mythwits!–Fade To Black

I was on the Mythwits last night. Was a complete blast. You can watch/listen to the episode here.

2014/2015 Schedule Changes

Now that the madness has died down, it’s time for me to get my collective shit in order. What does this mean? It means re-prioritizing my existing schedule. The plan was, in fact, for me to get back to work

The Black–Another Update

Why do I keep writing these updates? Because things are moving so fast I can barely keep up. Last night I received two awesome pieces of news. First off, the paraquel to The Black is going to happen. Severed Press wants it.