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Essay–Memories and Lessons

Download Now I was born in 1970. Some of my earliest memories are of Cronkite presiding over the death-knell of the Vietnam Conflict. Strange how those images, both black and white and of a sepia-toned “color” nightmare, mix with the

The Street–Farewell

Download Now Does anyone understand the difference between fan-fiction, parody, satire, and outright theft? I thought I did, but it’s obvious to me now that I had no clue. When I wrote “Stuffing” for an online con organized by the

Essay–The Black: A Memoir of Sorts

Two years ago, The Black found its way into the marketplace. Those of you that listen to The Dead Robots’ Society have probably heard some of this already, but for the rest of you, let me tell you about The Black.

Essay: Balticon 50–All That Was and Could Have Been

This year was my sixth at Balticon, and boy was it a crazy time. If you’re not familiar with Balticon, that’s okay. It’s held every year in Baltimore, Maryland during Memorial Day weekend. While it’s technically a “sci-fi/fantasy” convention, the

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A Little “News” From The Darkness

As I approach that special moment of sending The Black: Outbreak to my publisher, it’s time I owned up to something. I have in the past few weeks mentioned that I was hard at work on a secret audio project. Well, it’s

Essay–The Problem With Horror

Genres. If you go to any book store, online or brick and mortar, or, Garaaga forbid, even a library, you’ll find shelves (virtual or real) marked with “Science Fiction,” “Fantasy,” “Thriller,” “Romance,” “Literature,” “Drama,” “Classics” and tons of others. And

Essay–Nostalgia is a Dangerous Thing

I’ll share a little secret with you–I’m a geek. I was one of the awkward kids who never really seemed to find his place until very late in high school. While the cool kids in junior high and early high

Essay–Winning The Parsec Award

It’s been a pretty long road. I’ve been podcasting since 2007, although really didn’t come into its own until 2008. What have I podcasted? Besides interviews, rants, essays, and reviews, the following stories have appeared in the feed: Momma

Essay–Donating The Hair

It’s 2015. I hadn’t had my hair cut since 2012. It was time. See, one of the few things I do well is grow hair. Lots and lots of hair. As a kid, I always wanted long hair. I’m sure it

Essay–Flames and Summer

Last night, I started working on Flames again. Doing my best to finish this novel. For some reason, it’s getting in the way of Outbreak, so I might as well just get it done. One thing that may have kept