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Download Now In today’s infocast, I tell you all about the preorder, what you’re going to get for your $35.00, and engage in atrocious pro-Garaaga propaganda.

Garaaga’s Children Pre-Order Promo

 Download Now Here it is. The promo for the April 1 pre-sale of Garaaga’s Children:Ancients. Enjoy and spread the disease.


 Download Now Interview with my nemesis Jake Bible.


Download Now Quick review of the film “Sinister”. Music by Kevin Mcleod. This presentation is copyright 2013 by Paul Elard Cooley. Visit for more free stories as well as my rant casts.     Contact me at:    


Download Now   Fiendmaster Call-In-Show! Contained within: major announcement regarding Garaaga’s Children: Ancients. Special thanks to Sue Baiman. Audio Production Assistance provided by: Allen Sale Dave Robison Richard Green Scott Roche Scott Pond Mike Luoma Tony Miller Jake Bible John

Garaaga Sigil–First Render

Cuneiform is the oldest known written language. When I first started writing the Garaaga’s Children series, the glyph you see on the left was always in my mind. Coming up with it was a free-form exercise. I needed something recognizable

Closet Treats–New Cover

Here it is, Fiendlings. The new cover for the Closet Treats ebook and podcast. The great Starla Huchton got this together for me. I’m pretty happy with it. She’s also going to be doing an alternate cover Tattoo in the near

Infocast–2013-01-19-Plans for the year

Download Now  Short update on my plans for the year… This podcast is copyright 2013 by Paul Elard Cooley and is protected under a creative commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivates 3.5 license.

Essay–Making It Right

I bitch. I complain. When I read a book, especially one published by the so-called "real" publishers, I don’t expect typos. I don’t expect continuity errors. I don’t expect issues with the narrative. When I find them, I get extremely

Essay–Thoughts on the Rider

Tonight I "finished" my latest book: The Rider. It’s cowritten with Scott Sigler and takes place in his universe. But why did I say "finished?" Well, there’s a lot of work to do. This is merely "my" first draft. It