Alert! Alert! Special Cover Reveals Coming

It’s been a damned long time since I’ve sent out a newsletter. Why? I was waiting for the stars to align and they didn’t. Since the last newsletter, the Closet Treats audiobook has debuted, the Daemons of Garaaga audiobook has debuted, and I’ve been working my ass off on getting The Black: Outbreak finished. In addition, we’ve had some delays in getting the Closet Treats trade paperback out. I was waiting for that to happen before I barraged inboxes and then had to barrage them again if the stars DID happen to align.

CT-001-PodcastSmallerBut, it’s time. Therefore I’m sweetening the deal. On Sunday, March 20th 2016, I’ll finally release the year’s first newsletter. What’s going to be in there?

  • Cover reveal for the Closet Treats paperback and ebook re-release
  • Cover reveal for The Black: Outbreak
  • Information on how to get free Audible promo codes
  • Scheduling prognostications

Yes. I’m giving away FREE Audible codes so you can go and grab a copy of one of the audiobooks, listen, enjoy, and then give it an honest review. Why would I do such a thing? Because I need more reviews. And those of you that subscribe to the newsletter deserve some special content. Early cover reveals? Free codes? Perhaps a snippet from an upcoming work? Yeah, those kinds of goodies.Daemons of Garaaga Cover

So if you want to subscribe to the newsletter and gain access to all this loveliness, look on the right-hand sidebar, put your email in the text box, and slam the “Sign Up” button with a mallet. And on Sunday, you’ll get access to subscriber only content.

As if I haven’t made this completely clear, I don’t spam my patrons. That’s why these newsletters only hit when there’s actually news about new releases and the like; it’s the only guaranteed way I have of letting you know about them before the general public. And that’s the only reason the mailing list exists.

See you Sunday.


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