The Street–Now On Sale


Second, The Street is NOT a limited edition. Let me say that again: THE STREET IS NOT A LIMITED EDITION NOR IS IT A HARDCOVER! It’s a beautiful trade paperback that you sick listeners/readers will want to have on your shelves. And yes, it’ll be signed and personalized per instructions you leave on your order. Yes, the ebooks will be signed too per my creation MyWrite.

Thirdly, the audiobook and ebook are available NOW. So if you purchase them, they will be there.

Fourthly…fourthly? Who the hell says fourthly?

NEXT, the author of this sick and twisted collections of tales has decided there will be bundles. Bundles? What the hell is a bundle?

Well, the “Oscar’s Whole Can” bundle will include the trade paperback, the audiobook, AND the ebook. Price? $24.99.

Another bundle, for you slackers that never purchased the GC: Ancients limited edition hardcover and the Fiends: Vol 1 hardcover, is the Fiendmaster Bundle. This has all the books. The GC hardcover, the Fiends hardcover, the ebooks for Tattoo, Fiendlettes, and The Street in every media form available (paperback, audiobook, and ebook). Price? $59.99.

For those of you without a lot of cash, or if you’re just a gigantic cheapskate, you can purchase The Street media separately. And here are the prices:

  • Ebook: $3.99
  • Trade Paperback: $10.99
  • Audiobook: $19.99

All prices exclude shipping and taxes.

All sales will be conducted from The Street will not be available from another vendor. Probably ever. So you should get your furry paws on them before the lawsuits fly. Because these books are being printed PoD, once I run out, there will be a backorder and you’ll have to wait until I restock. The digital media will ALWAYS be available at time of purchase.

Now I’ve talked about this on a couple of podcasts, but here’s the straight skinny. For every sale of a trade paperback or the audiobook, will donate $2.00 to The Children’s Television Workshop. That’s right. I support the mission and legacy of Jim Henson, even if The Street is an irreverent parody/satire.

If you love The Street, throw some money at it and support The Children’s Television Workshop at the same time.

As always, thank you for your support and patronage. And remember: Oscar loathes you.

PS: please add any comments/questions to this post. I’ll do my best to channel my inner Oscar while I reply.

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9 comments on “The Street–Now On Sale
  1. Aleleeinn says:

    BUNDLE?! is that like wrapping several bodies in a large carpet and throwing them into the river at the same time? Just asking for a person I’m afraid to tell their not my friend. YEAH RIGHT!

    Are there volume discounts? I know several people who are getting copies no matter what their lawyers threaten me with.

    Can we kick in cash to the workshop via shadowpubs? It might help with the lawsuits.

    I’m ready for more from that stinking green little drunk.

  2. Damon says:

    “Count me in . . . bitch.” – Jesse

  3. Do I get a special Brain Bleach Bundle for having talked you into actually doing the first story? 🙂

  4. Please make the reminders pyrotechnic, as the holes in my Swiss cheese attention span are in another universe. Universes. Universi? Any way, I have money!

  5. Lucie Le Blanc says:

    If I ask very very nicely, do you think I could have my paperback delivered at Balticon? Just, you know, so I could avoid paying 15$ in shipment to the Great White North? (I’m serious, that’s how much it costs…)

    • Paul Cooley says:

      I’m going to do my best to provide a “balticon” shipping option for those folks that would rather I just bring them. Because I might have to pay for additional luggage to load, I’ll probably still charge the typical domestic shipping. Other than that, yes, my dear, I’ll do my best to work with you on this. 🙂

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