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Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 13

 Yes, because I am made of awesome, I'm early again!  Download episode 13 and get ready for one hell of a ride! "The Warehouse" I am putting out the Fiends short story collection on FOR FREE!  Please do me

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 12

Because I love you, here's Episode 12. I am putting out the Fiends short story collection on FOR FREE!  Please do me a favor, download them, read them, and rate them. When they come out on, b&, and

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 11

Because I love you, my wonderful fiendlings, here is the next episode. I have written a story for Scott Sigler's "The Crypt" collection. If you haven't heard "The Crypt" yet, you better go and listen before my story airs in

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 10

That's right, my Fiendlings.  Here's episode 10 chock full of fiendy goodness. This episode includes promos for Seth Harwood's Young Junius.  May 5th is Cinco De Harwood, the day you have a chance to get your little paws on a

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 09

Happy Freakin' Easter, Fiendlings! Because it's Good Friday, I'm kicking this out early, because you've been so good this week.  Or bad.  Or, whatever.  Regardless, here it is for your enjoyment. Thank you to John Mierau for this week's bump.  Please

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 08

Once again, my wonderful fiendlings, I am early. Way fucking early. So quit your bitching and enjoy Episode 08. Remember to pre-order Scott Sigler's "The Starter" on Aprii 1st.     "Closet Treats" episode 08. Written and performed by Paul

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 07

 Well, bitches, here I am, more than 20 hours early!  Your FiendMaster obviously loves you more than you can possibly understand.  Of course he loathes you too.  But that's not important. What's important is that you enjoy the episode and

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 06

Alan and Carolyn deal with Trey's first night away… Download Now Thank you James Melzer for giving us the bumper this week.  Visit his site and getcha some Zombie Chronicles love. "Closet Treats" episode 06. Written and performed by Paul Elard

Fiends–Closet Treats-05

Download NOW! Fiendlings! Please don't forget to add and attack Jason Warden of Shadow Cast Audio. Here's his vitals: Twitter Facebook  Add ShadowCast and start pummeling him for his impudence!   "Closet Treats" episode 05. Written and performed by Paul

Fiends–Closet Treats-Episode 04

Yup, I rock.  Episode 04 is out early.  This episode is bumped by Jason of Shadow Cast Audio.  Be sure and subscribe to the podcast for weekly horror goodies.  And yes, I am narrating their episode next week.  Should be