The Black…

The Black E-book CoverAfter months of hard work and frantic insanity, it’s finally here. The Black will be released September 16, 2014 in e-book on Amazon and in paperback sometime next week. For now, here’s the cover and the blurb. Hope you’re looking forward to reading it. Thank you Severed Press for making all this happen. I am honored to be in their stable.

Under 30,000 feet of water, the exploration rig Leaguer has discovered
an oil field larger than Saudi Arabia, with oil so sweet and pure,
nations would go to war for the rights to it. But as the team starts
drilling exploration well after exploration well in their race to
claim the sweet crude, a deep rumbling beneath the
ocean floor shakes them all to their core. Something has been living
in the oil and it’s about to give birth to the greatest threat
humanity has ever seen.

“The Black” is a techno/horror-thriller that puts the horror and
action of movies such as Leviathan and The Thing right into readers’
hands. Ocean exploration will never be the same.





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Essay–The Black: One More Down

It’s been a long year. Many great things have happened, many terrible ones, and I’ve been writing like a madman. Until recently.

2014 is a bit of a strange time for me. I have published The Street which has been pretty damned successful. We’re getting ready to publish Legends of Garaaga in paperback. The Rider, a novel I wrote with Scott Sigler, is due for publication sometime in Q4 2014 or Q1 2015. I have two other novels I haven’t finished and my first small press title, The Black is now in the hands of the publisher.

Phew. That’s a laundry list of books. Or is it? Since I’m working on the last novelette/novella for The Daemons of Ur, that’s another one that going to come out later this year or early next. Basically, has been a damned busy company, and I’ve been a scribbling lunatic.

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Essay–RIP Johnny Fiend

My pets have always been part of my family. I don’t have human children. That, um, just didn’t happen. My wife and I have adopted five pets during our marriage. The current eldest is ready to pass on.

JohnnyAndMeThe Johnny Fiend was a little purrball of fluff we rescued. He was a long-haired little cat that looked more like a wisp of cotton when we brought him home. He was always talkative and extremely affectionate. He was my friend during the low points in my life, the high points, and always ready to snuggle at night. His loud purr frequently put me to sleep when nothing else would.

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The Sounds of idiots

With great apologies to Simon and Garfunkel.

Hello internet, my old friend
I’ve come to bitch at you again,
Because derision is loudly seeping
and only leaving me weeping
and the idiocy that destroys my poor brain
still remains
from the code of morons

Viewing jumbled code I groan
as my poor servers are slowly powned
by the morons who only say “can’t”
I can only glare and shake my head askance
when my systems are destroyed by the idiots who think they’re “right”
that isn’t right.
Admidst the sounds of idiots.

And in the conference room I saw
Ten thousand idiots, maybe more
Idiots talking without thinking
Idiots coding without listening
Idiots writing code that all should beware
and it’s not rare
admidst the sounds of morons

“Idiots,” said I, “You do not know–”
This kind of code will only slow
Hear my fury that I might save you
from systems choking that we can’t use
but my words and emails go unread
and lost within the sounds of idiots

And the developers bowed and prayed
to their idiot fucked up ways
and the applications crashed without warning
’cause of the shitty code that was swarming
And the servers cried “The code of the idiots are destroying my all
and business falls”
and ignored by the sound of idiots

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The Schedule…From HELL!

I’ve been silent way too long and I guess I should let y’all know what’s going on.

First off, the new novel is finished. At least the first draft anyway. I’m working on getting the edits together so I can rewrite a couple of chapters, perform continuity checks, and then hand it off to my subject matter experts to vet my mentions of certain technologies. This is only my second “hard sci-fi” book (The Rider co-written with Scott Sigler was the first), so I need all the help I can get.

Secondly, let’s talk books. Come August, I will be working with the great and wonderful Scott Pond to put together covers and book layouts for the upcoming paperbacks of the Garaaga’s Children series. These two books are yet to be titled, but they will be available from all the usual suspects including my site. Also, the ebooks will be getting out there as well. If you’ve already purchased the GC: Ancients hardcover, there’s not much reason for you to purchase both of these books. However, the second trade paperback will contain a bonus tale that wraps up the Ama/Drimesh cycle of Ur. I’m futzing around with calling this book The Daemons of Ur.

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Essay–Post Literary Syndrome

Post Literary Syndrome. Yes, it’s a term of my own creation to describe the wonderful feeling of success after completing a tale. But more importantly, I attribute it to the crash that occurs after I think about all the things that might be wrong with that tale. It’s a mess of triumph and defeat. It chews at your confidence and tells you your writing is nothing but shit.

Last night, I finished the first draft of a new novel. Said novel is already sold to a small publisher (and I’ll certainly let you know whom when I have the all clear to give you details). For now, though, let’s just agree that it’s a pretty big move for my writing career and I’m damned excited about it. And that excitement is probably the reason I’ve written 85k words on this novel in the space of two months. For me? That’s an f’ing record since I started writing again while holding down a day job.

For the first time since Closet Treats, I’ve written a novel that is a novel and not a collection of shorter tales. It’s also the longest book I’ve ever written. Yeah, I know, I like to write short books. I can’t help it–it’s what I do.

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Essay–It’s All The Indie’s Fault

Ah, yes. The Hachette vs Amazon squabble continues. Writers are feeling the pinch. How bad are they feeling the pinch? Man, it’s getting ridiculous.

Authors published by Hachette now seem to be refusing to help pimp any Indie who sells ebooks on Amazon. They are turning this into an “us” versus “indie” thing. What these myopic morons believe is that somehow us independent folk are the cause of this mess and we’re all shills for Amazon. What’s hilarious is the great and wonderful hypocrisy–they are shills for Hachette.

And why? MONEY.

When you sign with a publisher like the Big 5, they usually make you sign a contract, in blood, that is about 45 pages long and contains grammar that would drive any English teacher to hang themselves. These masterpieces of convoluted logic are boilerplate and unless you have some serious weight to your name, they are non-negotiable.

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I’m pissed. I’m beyond pissed. Why? Because a whiny bunch of “celebrity” authors have entered into a fray they not only DO NOT UNDERSTAND, but are purposely distorting a shit-ton of facts to protect their own self-interest.

James Patterson was the first shit-bag to do this. Now? Much to my disappointment, Stephen Colbert has shown his true colors. Instead of studying an issue from both sides, he’s simply towing the company line. The company line? That the pigopolist Big 5 (he’s published by Hachette) are being taken advantage of by a predatory pigopolist.

Deep breath. Okay, I’m calm. I promise. Guess I should explain what in the f’ing hell I’m talking about.

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Essay–The Book’s On FIRE!

Writers suffer from writer’s block. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, imagine sitting at a keyboard, typewriter, or at a desk with pen in hand and your brain goes DEAD. Not a single word comes to mind. The characters you’ve crafted refuse to tell you what to do. The neatly designed plot falls apart into millions of unrelated threads. Or worse, your interior voice, the one that hates you so much, tells you what a loser you are and that you’re writing complete shit.

I was at a writer’s conference when I was seventeen. Someone from the audience asked about writer’s block. The author panel included the infamous Joe R Lansdale and Warren Norwood. Norwood started to answer the question and then Lansdale over-rode him. Basically, Joe said something like “writer’s block is bullshit.” This started a riot on the stage as four writers argued among themselves as to whether the condition was real or just another pop-psychology myth.

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Essay–Characters of Privilege

Last year, a certain writer asked me if most of my characters came from privilege. When I asked him exactly what that meant, it turned out he was not only talking about wealth, but also race. An interesting question.

When I explained that not a single one of the Garaaga’s Children stories, save for Scrolls, had a single “white” person in them, he was shocked. Most of the characters in those stories are of either Semitic lineage or what today might be construed as Arab. The Greeks in Scrolls were the only “white” people in the entire damned series.

But it got me thinking about the whole race thing. I don’t think about putting in token characters in my other works. I do my best to describe the world as it is. That means that characters will be of different races, socioeconomic status, and religions.

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The Black

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